The happiness of seeing your art on display

At Moyosa Spaces we build customized digital galleries that are accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world through the web browser. Because all art deserves to be seen.

What our clients say

Nic Abery

Project Advisor @ PaJeS

“Working with Moyosa has been beyond a pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail and envisioning my design details was faultless. I intend to recommend them to colleagues and friends in the future.”

Sofie van Gelderen

Online Producer @ Gilat

“Everyone thought it was amazing. They all say the same thing: “Oh wow!”

Bring happiness

Everybody likes to be seen and heard and a lot of stories need to be heard. Moyosa Spaces provides a platform where children’s stories and creations can be showcased, akin to an online museum. Children can visit the digital galleries anytime from anywhere to look at their, and their friends’ hard work.

  • Seen by the entire world
  • Showcased in a real museum
  • Eternalize their work

Raise awareness

Thanks to its immersive nature and accessibility, Moyosa Spaces can reach a wide audience and leave a lasting impression. Links to the Space’s webpage can be sent to friends and family and facilitate word-of-mouth promotion. Additionally, news outlets are often eager to cover innovative uses of technology, which can help spread the word about your charity and digital space.

  • Increase awareness of your cause
  • Attract donors and sponsorships
  • Get media attention

Engage with your contributors

Moyosa Spaces allows you to get to know your contributors, and possible new contributors without the need for cookies. It can gather metrics about the user, their device and how they got to your digital gallery. This way you can learn how to reach your contributors more efficiently.

Moyosa Space Analytics

See every detail

Photorealistic 8K renders enable you to see every detail of the artworks.

Optimized for any device​

Responsive design that works on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Create your unique Space​

Choose from a wide range of floor, wall, ceiling and furniture options.

Our latest kids galleries


Jewish schoolchildren from the UK, Europe, and USA were given the opportunity to create their own artistic interpretations of 11 influential works by historically significant Israelis.



For this project we made a virtual museum using Moyosa Spaces so that drawings made by children at the Gilat theater shows can be exhibited for everyone to see.

Moyosa Space Room

Rays of Sunshine

The gallery showcases over 80 art pieces created by the children themselves. Each child depicted their unique interpretation of the theme “sunshine, happiness, and laughter”.


Frequently asked questions

Just like the gallery, the process can be adjusted to your wants, needs, and resources!

Depending on your wishes we can work with high quality images and scans of the works or even 3D photogrammetry scans! We would also need matching copy for the gallery and the works.

Yes! Moyosa Spaces doesn’t just allow for videos to be added to the gallery, but also Spotify players, voiceovers, and volumetric videos.

The gallery can be hosted by Moyosa or a service of your choosing.

This all depends on your wishes and needs.

To ensure the highest visual quality in combination with amazing speed, the gallery and the paintings have to be pre-rendered. This means that they can’t easily be changed. On the other hand, interactive elements like the videos on the wall and the popup info panels can be changed.

We would love to show you around! Schedule a call with us.