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A ‘cultural theme park’ has been validated in this project. While the whole world is in the COVID19 lockdown, and the art world still shows no real innovation, we want to be able to offer a solution that gives the possibility for cultural institutions to use their resources in the field of PR, marketing education and financially. Even after this crisis, our solution can easily be expanded to other sectors and offline initiatives.

Within this project, the intended objective was the development of an easy-to-use platform for the cultural sector, which they can easily tap into with their own micro projects. Microprojects can be games based on the art of the institutions, but also digital coloring pages and even setting up your own digital mini-museum within this environment. Our vision is a digital cultural amusement park, accessible via a mobile application, that enables navigation in the 3D environment and makes use of new technologies such as AR (“Augmented Reality”).

For this, the development is twofold: on the one hand, an OpenGL based 3D framework is being developed in which 3D modeling can be done, and on the other hand, the software is being developed to make this possible on mobile devices. The development of 3D Modeling and mobile software is technically complex and new for Moyosa Media B.V. This project was the first reason for this.

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